JOINT PAIN & Sarcoidosis...


Omg, off the rip... SAR-KOI-DOSIS alone causes joint pain...


Add on other health care issues that's like  arthritis or even 1 of my medication causes severe joint pain compounding my discomfort  of joint pain---



I was not surprised to see the issue with my knee  most recently is due to #Sarcoidosis 

I absolutely, sought out an #Orthopedic/Sports Medicine Medical Doctor; because of a potential Baker's Cysts -- in the back of my knee and joint pain/mild arthritis with stiffness and a bone spur from my X-ray...  The bone spur is the size of a dime... all in my right knee the pain is none stop.  #Irritating

Attached, at the bottom a glimpse... of my X-ray findings read by my Orthopedic doctor & Radiology of my knee an I also included the definition of my diagnosis of my knee. 

Ps.,  Again don't ignore symptoms when you have or suspect sarcoidosis.

xoxoLisa ♡

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