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What is a..

What is a Rheumatologist?


It's the person ergo., #Medical Specialist you should see if you suspect or have... 



Because the journey of being diagnosed can sometimes take years; A specialized approach focus if you will... Management treatment plan is needed.

You should know...

Fyi ✔️


Causes increased inflammation in the body

Sarcoidosis is an Autoimmune Disorder!

A Rheumatologist is...

A specialist in (Systemic)

Auto-Immune Disorders...  

- That cause inflammation, pain, swelling, stiffness, etc., Auto-Immune Conditions, Disorders such as Sarcoidosis...

(autoimmune disease)




known as...

"  The Great Mimicker  "


As the symptoms of sarcoidosis are similar  to many other disorders an potentially  effecting any body part or organ.


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JOINT PAIN & Sarcoidosis...


Omg, off the rip... SAR-KOI-DOSIS alone causes joint pain...


Add on other health care issues that's like  arthritis or even 1 of my medication causes severe joint pain compounding my discomfort  of joint pain---



I was not surprised to see the issue with my knee  most recently is due to #Sarcoidosis 

I absolutely, sought out an #Orthopedic/Sports Medicine Medical Doctor; because of a potential Baker's Cysts -- in the back of my knee and joint pain/mild arthritis with stiffness and a bone spur from my X-ray...  The bone spur is the size of a dime... all in my right knee the pain is none stop.  #Irritating

Attached, at the bottom a glimpse... of my X-ray findings read by my Orthopedic doctor & Radiology of my knee an I also included the definition of my diagnosis of my knee. 

Ps.,  Again don't ignore symptoms when you have or suspect sarcoidosis.

xoxoLisa ♡

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SAR-KOI-DOSIS  Fact Finding--



Moreover, of course an importantly which is an would be additional sometimes of a mix of clinical diagnosis with also... 


Diagnostic Test


The type of diagnostic test is dependent upon which organs are affected by Sarcoidosis 




CT scan


MRI scan




Therapeutic Services




Labs (Blood/Work) Work Up/(s')



Such as ...


Why is a ACE Level - blood work test important when you have sarcoidosis? 


What is the ACE blood test?


This test measures how much angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) is in your blood. Your ACE levels may be higher if you have a condition called sarcoidosis.



The granulomas associated with sarcoidosis increase the amount of ACE in the blood.



Additionaly, testing for high calcium levels for example.,/Clinical-Findings



A lung function test  - (PFTs)- Pulmonolary Function Test etc,. & alike to any other pertinent testing for sarcoidosis.  



As well as ruling out symptoms that look like sarcoidosis but is not.  So many variables when it comes to Sarcoidosis... Sometimes, sarcoidosis is a diagnosis by exculsion an again, a mix if you will after diagnostic findings.

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What works for me... #IJS


What I should say is what helps--


With respect to #The Lungs...



So, when it comes to the Lungs!



Because, "Covid" can act similar to "Sarcoidosis" with respect to the Lungs...




I do get a yearly Flu vaccine 


Scheduled Pneumonia Vaccines

As well as the...


Covid Vaccines....  Prevention effort to try to prevent #Respiratory Infections- Complications #Preventativly








Whether, your seeing a (PCP) Primary Care Physician...


An as well possibly a Specialist...

Such as a --

Pulmonologists, Cardiologists, Dermatologists, Nephrologists, Neurologists, Ophthalmologist and or Rheumatologist your doctors will work closely together to diagnose sarcoidosis and to create a --

Teatment Plan

For You! 

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Team #Lisa

February 2024


I'm thankful! 


- My PCP & Rheumatologist, manages the healthcare of my whole body!

An not just the #Sarcoidosis in my body...

As sarcoidosis, systemically effects my whole body.



Plan of Care--

My PCP an my Rheumatologist basically, case manage my sarcoidosis...


Whole body Care--

 Between my PCP & Rheumatologist providers  providing most of my care, for sarcoidosis treatment....

Hence, branches off to referrals (which to me is truly whole body care)... to other specialists as needed as sarcoidosis can effect any part of the body.





P.s.  Crucial to my balance of managing & living with sarcoidosis is case management  ie., Treatment (monitoring) of my symptoms of sarcoidosis in a nut shell if you will. 



xoxoLisa ♡

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- Make it make sense... Due consideration of the existence of... possible sarcoidosis!




It's Cruicial!




Most presentations of sarcoidosis are alike to a puzzle.


When nothing else makes sense!



Hence, Due Consideration 

Could it be sarcoidosis....



 Awareness of sarcoidosis


Conservations should be included...  When seeing healthcare providers,  Well & Sick visits alike an in #Yearly #Physicals #IJS 



An it's especially true...



For certain populations who are more likely to get Sarcoidosis;  That the word #Sarcoidosis needs to be acknowledged an consideration of as a possible diagnosis.




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-Feeling Deflated & Unheard...


Primarily, because most people with sarcoidosis look well!  Hence, some sarcoidosis symptoms sometimes are brushed off if you will... to Sidebar discussions to revisit at later dates.



- Living With & Managing Sarcoidosis--


In my opinion, it's not that providers don't believe you per say!  Nor, is that they don't care...

It's the "human factor" that comes into play as an obstacle of delay when you don't look sick!



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- Living with sarcoidosis an the chaos of #Inflammation... an #Immunity Imbalance!


- It's because...

I have sarcoidosis my immune system Is lnbalanced... 




Most days sarcoidosis simply just makes me feel unwell!



The Sarcoidosis Fatigue!

Usually is every day!  


Some days I sleep 12hrs an some days for days not getting out of bed!


The confusing part is I look well...


For me #Methotrexate seems to start working (for the lack of a better word) if you will on day 3 or 4.

I find that taking weekly injections of #Methotrexate at home sometimes, I'm afforded 2 day out of the weekly injection maybe inwhich I feel slightly better but its a hit or miss on all levels.



PS..   When I take my weekly injection of Methotrexate at home, the day after an sometimes the next day as well I stil feel unwell an even worse.

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The Fight is on or is it...



As a person with sarcoidosis knows it a fight!  



-I'm now too a sarcoidosis warrior...


Sarcoidosis affects all races! Sarcoidosis has forced me to see an deal with all the "human factors" that come into play; meaning specifically, healthcare obstacles an biases if you will... that I had no idea existed in the realm of the #sarcoidosis world when you suspect or have sarcoidosis!  


Let me explain...

On the surface, for some seeking sarcoidosis help or a diagnosis when you look totally fine if you will... Will be an obstacle all by itself!  Delays in treatment... some providers can't or won't treat what they cant see or have not seen before. Most with sarcoidosis don't look sick an on the surface look well.


A lot of an about  Sarcoidosis an it's symptoms don't make sense an the symptoms are like puzzle pieces or....

Sarcoidosis, is alike to a person complaining of pain put their blood pressure is normal as an example!


#Make It Make Sense

In this example most people in pain will have a higher  blood pressure.   So, hence you  want me to believe  you're in pain! As your  blood pressure is saying your pain isn't as bad as you say. So, hence similarly your not feeling well with sarcoidosis, an you want your provider to believe his or her lying eyes ..."cliche"... when you look well!  

So,  It's places a person with sarcoidosis in a holding place! I call an appearance of care!  I realize in all professions a person's background an or experience comes into play... an plays a huge role on whether or not you  actually will spend 1+ years before you actually are treated or have a treatment plan for sarcoidosis when you look well.  



It's a fight... When you look well! as I can say I don't think anyone would choose the desire to be a sarcoidosis subject matter expert!

Long story short... Fine a provider who specializes  in Sarcoidosis / Autoimmune disorders.




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Awareness Keys




Sarcoidosis & ...



➡️➡️Diabetes Insipidus  (hyperlink) ⬅️⬅️



Ask your Doctor if you have questions about Sarcoidosis & Diabetes insipidus.


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Who knew....


About 10 per cent of people with sarcoidosis have high blood calcium levels; also known as hypercalcemia.✔️


This means that extra care should be taken with diet and environment.


There’s a direct association between sun exposure and hypercalcemia in sarcoidosis. Additionally, it’s advisable to limit calcium-rich foods. These can include dairy products, oranges and vitamins containing calcium and Vitamin D. 

You can find more information about sarcoidosis and calcium and Vitamin D here.  ↕️↕️Article Link ✔️


- How is hypercalcemia treated usually by...

Drink more water.

Switch to a non-thiazide diuretic or blood pressure medication.

Stop taking or lower your dose of calcium-rich antacid tablets.

Stop taking or lower your dose of calcium supplements and calcium-containing supplements, such as multivitamins.

- Discussions to have with your doctor-

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-Sarcoidosis Highlights-




Who knew  #IJS



That....           #Awareness💡


The autoimmune disorder sarcoidosis... Can effect such organs such as the...



  • Pancreas  

  • Liver  

It is not uncommon to have Sarcoidosis Granulomas in the liver ... and sometimes the spleen...

  • Spleen & Gallbladder

With respect to Sarcoidosis & abdominal issues the...

-The  Liver, Spleen and Gallbladder surrounds the Pancreas-

Pancreas ☑️Link https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/324521

It is possible that "Hypercalcaemia" may be a cause of #Pancreatitis for some with #Sarcoidosis.  Absolutely, Sarcoidosis related Hypercalcaemia is common for some sarcoidosis patients; an possibly be the cause of pancreas/pancreatitis in some sarcoidosis patients.  As well the #Parathyroid hormone can also be the cause for Hypercalcaemia.

Abdominal Sarcoidosis Issues 

CT Scan, PET Scan etc., may be needed for any right or left sided upper quadrant abdominal/pain symptoms etc,. If you have had abdominal imaging like me because of abdominal an upper quadrant pain... Imagining will identify if it's mild or acute pancreatitis or any other abdominal issues an should be addressed.

        -Discussions to have with your Doctor-

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- It depends on which organ it affects...




  1. Sarcoidosis-


Symptoms that may occur suddenly... 


• Disturbed heart rhythms


Sarcoidosis can cause Arthritis, particularly in the large joints.


• Arthritis/pain aching joints in the... ankle's, wrists, elbows, knees


• Eye symptoms


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xoxoLisa Akridge ♡Sarcoidosis@Home #Personal Blogger @LisaShares 

Sharing Tips ✔️  When You're@Home ✔️ Resources ✔️

Make It Make Sense! 

#Understanding sarcoidosis

That... "your sarcoidosis experience"

an how

it affects you

will be

unique to you!



  - Sharing helpful information

About Sarcoidosis! 

Especially, When You're@Home

with questions

about Sarcoidosis....  

I hope my blog helps

at least 1 person with

the information

share on this #Blog

xoxoLisa ♡         

Sarcoidosis■ Symptoms■ Diagnosis■ & Treatment■






For Medical Advice■Treatment■

or Diagnosis■

Please, Consult a  Physician/Doctor Healthcare Professional■






Who Knew...


Long Story Short --

Informational Share on Social media ✔️




Sarcoidosis Highlights For- | About Sarcoidosis When You're@Home |

For People

(The SAR-KOI-DOSIS  Community)

Living with Sarcoidosis... 



  #Sarcoidosis Warriors



Living with chronic #Sarcoidosis --

Some say...

Sarcoidosis has been around since 1869 

With more recognition About Sarcoidosis

Since at least 1936.

In 1954 Sarcoidosis was 1st known or classified

  if you will...  to be an immunologic disorder--


Is also called, Sarcoid.

The exact cause of sarcoidosis is unknown

xoxoLisa Akridge ♡Sarcoidosis@Home #Blogger  @LisaShares 


Sharing Tips ✔️  When You're@Home ✔️ Resources ✔️


Make It Make Sense!  

#Understanding sarcoidosis 

That... "your sarcoidosis experience" 

an how 

it affects you 

will be 

unique to you!  

I too have Sarcoidosis-- 

With an... Understanding Of  The Blance Of  

Staying Healthy Living With Sarcoidosis ~  

I've had Sarcoidosis for more then 10+ yrs 

So, my Initiative is simple....   


#Sarcoidosis Awareness    


Make it make sense!  Right...

You Probably...

Feel ah' way,

Some type ah' way...

About Sarcoidosis 


Get A Plan!


Work Your Plan...











- What's it called... 



When you wake up tired-


When you wake up exhausted-


When you wake up with zero energy-


It's called Sarcoidosis!

- My Story...

Ocular & Systemic Sarcoidosis--

(Additionaly, too Heerfordt Syndrome)


Sarcoidosis starts






That somewhere 


Was my eye...



xoxoLisa Akridge 



I didn't have pink eye 

It was Ocular Sarcoidosis...




- What's important is not to ignore symptoms...



With Ocular Sarcoidosis of the eye/eyes a medical eye doctor is needed; to primarily look for anterior, posterior or paniveitis #uveitis...  A Medical Eye

Doctor such as - An Ophthalmologist, Uveitis Specialist or Retina Specialist.. 





It's not just a Lisa problem...



- Sarcoidosis effects people of all ages, races & backgrounds --   



I am blogging, my perspective and insights from my very own personal experience...



As a patient diagnosed with #Sarcoidosis.  Moreover, having experienced life living with and managing sarcoidosis systemically.



Additionally, while also contending with other comorbidities... At the same time for more then 10+years.  Hence, About Sarcoidosis... if you will - A blog living with sarcoidosis... patient view if you will my perspective.





About Sarcoidosis  @Home

You are not alone... 

- I too have Sarcoidosis...


SAR-KOI-DOSIS it's not just in my eye!  Its in my entire body, systemic sarcoidosis. As sarcoidosis can effect any region of the body an or organs.  I know first-hand that the journey of sarcoidosis is lonely and mentally exhausting; doubled with physical exhaustion from fatigue.  



- It is absolutely, A journey into a type of no man's land and I hate cliches...  


My rheumatologist diagnosed me with sarcoidosis.  Sarcoidosis, acutely started in my right eye an eventually  chronic; as well as my skin.  My doctor stressed to me that even with autoimmune suppressants some sarcoidosis patients have some degree or total loss of vision... This is when I was forced to become aware, knowledgeable - About Sarcoidosis hence... #Due Diligence as a patient with sarcoidosis.



I call it the journey of sarcoidosis and its exactly that until you get an official diagnosis of sarcoidosis.


Sarcoidosis, Fatigue is alike to a day in the life of let's say a grandparent... who awakes early after sleeping all night, bathes has breakfast and then watches tv in their favorite recliner.  You notice that they have slept the day away... watching tv, but actually sleeping in their recliner all day. 


It's brushed off their old and that they slept all day... slept the day away.   Mind you their happy in their recliner chair no complaints, not one.  Why, I say... they have no energy, and we call it being old.... to sleep all day after having slept all night, how is it possible! 



Conversely, and similarly... this is how a person with sarcoidosis feels as it relates to fatigue, exhaustion, no energy, exhausted even after sleeping all night!



Lastly, A little mindfulness... keep in mind tired is remedied by sleeping; verses tired/exhaustion when you have sarcoidosis is not remedied with sleep. Sarcoidosis is now known to be a common chronic illness that affects people all over the world living with sarcoidosis.


This Blog is for me, you... who walk alone until there is a diagnosis that you have sarcoidosis, which sometimes can take years... or for some may have already taken years.




Ps...  About-sarcoidosis.com aka me., I have zero sponsors so my website is what it is...  #Anyways my goal is sarcoidosis awareness ...



About-sarcoidosis.com is sarcoidosis information I wish I new when #Sarcoidosis symptoms started in my body 10+yrs ago.





You & Sarcoidosis

   About Sarcoidosis.   
xoxo - Lisa Akridge, @Home 


Thanks, for stopping by...




- Opinion News Purposes 

Informational News #Blog 

Significant Navigating

 Steps to...


Resources ✔️ Resources ✔️ Resources 

-How  Do You  Know 

What You Don't Know...


Educate Thyself--

#Sarcoidosis Cognizance

With an "Emphasis" on...




Of what your body is trying to tell you via., #Symptoms 


#Facts You Need!

To Resources, To 3rd Party

Educational Links/Websites


Ton's of Informational 3rd party Webinars-- 

Also, Sarcoidosis

Related Educational


Informational Resources

Sarcoidosis News...+more





Preventative Care Matters! 


I too have...




Conversely, a...  Focused 

 -Management Plan of  Care-

Can be crucial!


When you have sarcoidosis or suspect sarcoidosis 




 May afford less--


Lessen the--Complications caused by Sarcoidosis...



- Educate Thyself Valiantly...

 Sarcoidosis can cause daily...

Exhaustion, Fatigue...

Tomatoe, Tomato Tired all the time!


A general consensus within that you don't feel well!


Painful Joints--







So... So...


It's Called Sarcoidosis!









Is not known!




-For most people living with sarcoidosis 

 Irregardless to any manifestation of Sarcoidosis... 

- No Amount Of Sleep Cures -







Click on the ? 

Listen now⬇️⏬️⏬️↕️




Who knew #IJS


For some, too much....

#Sunshine or too much Vitamin D can

cause high calcium levels in the blood

and urine which can lead to kidney

problems for people with...



Figuring It Out...



Listen now⏫️⏫️⏫️

Life Balance

Making it make sence!






It's self care, self due diligence of a #Balance
Of staying healthy living with #Sarcoidosis


  It's important to find out the reason for symptoms ie., An treat, any coexistencg conditions that are additional to sarcoidosis symptoms.

There are  "3"

Subacute Variants




1.  Lofgrens Syndrome 


2.  Heerfordt Syndrome., 

Aka- Heerfordt Waldenstrom


3.  Blau Syndrome 


Long story short...

OCULAR SARCOIDOSIS #Ocular Inflammation 

#Ocular-Granulomatous Inflammation 



Tends to happen in people who have-- Autoimmune 



The difficulty is figuring out which one!

-FactShare ..



#Facts You Need!



- Is a Intraocular Inflammatory Disease -

Basically, It's dangerously, High inflammation of the eye/eyes & High "Eye Pressure"...an left untreated may cause Vision Loss or Blindness.



The worst case scenario of  UVEITIS  (Caused by Ocular Sarcoidosis) is it can lead to...



Degrees of vision loss as well as Blindness--


Glaucoma or Cataracts






Switch Up On You!




Some people can go for years...



-There are no symptoms-

Ergo., It is possible to have...


Without symptoms for years!

Which may/or/can change suddenly or gradually to acute or chronic..

#Sarcoidosis with manifestation of symptoms.

  • Ask The Experts







So, I woke up at 3:00 am...


It took a minute before I realized I couldn't see out of my right eye at all!

It took a few weeks before my sight returned in my right eye.


This is when Sarcoidosis got real!

| Helpful Links |



-Plan of Care-


-  Sarcoidosis Doctors  -

Click here: ⤵ 

  Sarcoidosis Doctors by State (webmd.com)

More+ ...

About Sarcoidosis 

When You're@Home



What Happens is...

The immune system creates inflammation to help defend  against germs and sickness.


But in #Sarcoidosis, "Inflammation goes off track" and the cells in the immune system; Hence... form lumps, called granulomas in the body.


Over time, "Inflammation" may lead to permanent scarring and damage of organs!

Me, You & Sarcoidosis...

Educate Yourself...

When You're@Home

What's Key is... 




Is to slow ...


The sarcoidosis disease progression timeline down  ergo.,  The effects of sarcoidosis on the body... As well as complications and or disabilities from having sarcoidosis.


As there is no cure yet for #Sarcoidosis 


When You're@Home Resources



Navigating ✔️

Resources ✔️

From someone who has sarcoidosis for more then 10+years...

My Search for Informational Purposes

About Sarcoidosis✔️   I'm pointing out Resources


Informational  News

That I found to be helpful  AboutSarcoidosis...  


My sarcoidosis references are 3rd party links, resources, websites/sites; 3rd party websites/sites & 3rd  party links & references listed here at www.about-sarcoidosis.com.

As well, I speak from a patient perspective and opinion-- living with sarcoidosis...



- An Introduction Webinar  -

Sarcoidosis can effect the...



Lungs, Skin, Eyes, Nose and Paranasal Sinuses, Muscles, Joints & Bones Heart, Liver, Spleen, Bowel, Kidney, Nerves, Lymph Nodes & Brain.



With Ocular Sarcoidosis especially acute-- Ergo., the initial onset of Ocular Sarcoidosis--  Its crucial to see an Ophthalmologist!


As soon as possible inorder to possibly reverse visual loss an or damage inorder to prevent permanent loss of vision!

With Sarcoidosis a multidisciplinary approach is often needed to address --

#Ocular Sarcoidosis as well as...  

Additional, and other...

Systemic Manifestations Of Sarcoidosis that can happen!





In the Joints




Can be an every day thing!

For some with sarcoidosis!



You Probably



A Lisa--  #Experience 



- If you run into a healthcare provider (pun intended) that tells you; you can only talk about  " 1 "  symptom at a time during your visit...


Even worse, to reschedule an literally pick which symptom you want to be seen for that day!


It's crucial in finding the right healthcare provider as--

#Sarcoidosis is a whole body disorder...


Stuff, like this is why some people with Sarcoidosis has or have been to a multitude of healthcare providers long before a diagnosis of sarcoidosis an thereafter.


It's a pet peeve, of mine -- 

Perspectively, when I'm asked so - Why did you change providers... #IJS

When I say Sarcoidosis is a journey it's a huge under statement!


The Balance Perspective


Staying Healthy... 


With Sarcoidosis✔️ 



What Happen was--

It was my eye doctor...



A Medical Eye Doctor Who 1st

Uttered, the words...

"   I think you have Sarcoidosis   "

There's no cure for sarcoidosis yet!