SAR-KOI-DOSIS  Fact Finding--



Moreover, of course an importantly which is an would be additional sometimes of a mix of clinical diagnosis with also... 


Diagnostic Test


The type of diagnostic test is dependent upon which organs are affected by Sarcoidosis 




CT scan


MRI scan




Therapeutic Services




Labs (Blood/Work) Work Up/(s')



Such as ...


Why is a ACE Level - blood work test important when you have sarcoidosis? 


What is the ACE blood test?


This test measures how much angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) is in your blood. Your ACE levels may be higher if you have a condition called sarcoidosis.



The granulomas associated with sarcoidosis increase the amount of ACE in the blood.



Additionaly, testing for high calcium levels for example.,/Clinical-Findings



A lung function test  - (PFTs)- Pulmonolary Function Test etc,. & alike to any other pertinent testing for sarcoidosis.  



As well as ruling out symptoms that look like sarcoidosis but is not.  So many variables when it comes to Sarcoidosis... Sometimes, sarcoidosis is a diagnosis by exculsion an again, a mix if you will after diagnostic findings.

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