Chronic Sarcoidosis Care Plan


The Huge Caveat About it is...

An eye opener, pun intended!

-  Is that with #Ocular Sarcoidosis--




One might think, Oh, I'm good...  All I need to do is take my medication! But, actually with sarcoidosis...  



For some people that have sarcoidosis...


Even with taking auto-immune suppressants  & medications  that treat  Sarcoidosis/Sarcoid if you will...  It's  still possible, that the worst can still happen to the... body part/parts  (organs) sarcoidosis  affects!

- Lastly, is your doctor a mind reader!

Probably not...


Your healthcare provider will ask...

"What are you here for today"

aka., your chief complaint..


A huge part of a diagnosis is based on symptoms!  



#Sarcoidosis, is a whole body disease & requires whole body treatment!  


               Leaving out symptoms or forgetting to mention symptoms when talking to...



                        Healthcare Providers may effect a diagnosis an treatment!



P.s.  Make a note keep track of what's been bothering you! Write it down as not to forget while waiting for an appointment to see your Healthcare providers.

xoxo -Lisa Akridge♡






About Sarcoidosis 

- Special Thanks!

To my daughter Jaz♡


Aways there in my sarcoidosis journey.

xoxoLisa ♡Mom

As for me... 


My roadmap an my journey of sarcoidosis is my own!  An again its been many years since I first heard the word Sarcoidosis!  The alike too the many years figuring out how to live ergo., managing...

- Sarcoidosis Wellness & A LifeStyle Balance...


My posture is sarcoidosis experience... ergo., I have receipts if you will--  an all the Yin and Yang that came with sarcoidosis; yesterday, today an maintaining life living with sarcoid, sarcoidosis moving forward.

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About Sarcoidosis.  

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