- Living with sarcoidosis an the chaos of #Inflammation... an #Immunity Imbalance!


- It's because...

I have sarcoidosis my immune system Is lnbalanced... 




Most days sarcoidosis simply just makes me feel unwell!



The Sarcoidosis Fatigue!

Usually is every day!  


Some days I sleep 12hrs an some days for days not getting out of bed!


The confusing part is I look well...


For me #Methotrexate seems to start working (for the lack of a better word) if you will on day 3 or 4.

I find that taking weekly injections of #Methotrexate at home sometimes, I'm afforded 2 day out of the weekly injection maybe inwhich I feel slightly better but its a hit or miss on all levels.



PS..   When I take my weekly injection of Methotrexate at home, the day after an sometimes the next day as well I stil feel unwell an even worse.

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