The Fight is on or is it...



As a person with sarcoidosis knows it a fight!  



-I'm now too a sarcoidosis warrior...


Sarcoidosis affects all races! Sarcoidosis has forced me to see an deal with all the "human factors" that come into play; meaning specifically, healthcare obstacles an biases if you will... that I had no idea existed in the realm of the #sarcoidosis world when you suspect or have sarcoidosis!  


Let me explain...

On the surface, for some seeking sarcoidosis help or a diagnosis when you look totally fine if you will... Will be an obstacle all by itself!  Delays in treatment... some providers can't or won't treat what they cant see or have not seen before. Most with sarcoidosis don't look sick an on the surface look well.


A lot of an about  Sarcoidosis an it's symptoms don't make sense an the symptoms are like puzzle pieces or....

Sarcoidosis, is alike to a person complaining of pain put their blood pressure is normal as an example!


#Make It Make Sense

In this example most people in pain will have a higher  blood pressure.   So, hence you  want me to believe  you're in pain! As your  blood pressure is saying your pain isn't as bad as you say. So, hence similarly your not feeling well with sarcoidosis, an you want your provider to believe his or her lying eyes ..."cliche"... when you look well!  

So,  It's places a person with sarcoidosis in a holding place! I call an appearance of care!  I realize in all professions a person's background an or experience comes into play... an plays a huge role on whether or not you  actually will spend 1+ years before you actually are treated or have a treatment plan for sarcoidosis when you look well.  



It's a fight... When you look well! as I can say I don't think anyone would choose the desire to be a sarcoidosis subject matter expert!

Long story short... Fine a provider who specializes  in Sarcoidosis / Autoimmune disorders.




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