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About 10 per cent of people with sarcoidosis have high blood calcium levels; also known as hypercalcemia.✔️


This means that extra care should be taken with diet and environment.


There’s a direct association between sun exposure and hypercalcemia in sarcoidosis. Additionally, it’s advisable to limit calcium-rich foods. These can include dairy products, oranges and vitamins containing calcium and Vitamin D. 

You can find more information about sarcoidosis and calcium and Vitamin D here.  ↕️↕️Article Link ✔️


- How is hypercalcemia treated usually by...

Drink more water.

Switch to a non-thiazide diuretic or blood pressure medication.

Stop taking or lower your dose of calcium-rich antacid tablets.

Stop taking or lower your dose of calcium supplements and calcium-containing supplements, such as multivitamins.

- Discussions to have with your doctor-

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