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The autoimmune disorder sarcoidosis... Can effect such organs such as the...



  • Pancreas  

  • Liver  

It is not uncommon to have Sarcoidosis Granulomas in the liver ... and sometimes the spleen...

  • Spleen & Gallbladder

With respect to Sarcoidosis & abdominal issues the...

-The  Liver, Spleen and Gallbladder surrounds the Pancreas-

Pancreas ☑️Link https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/324521

It is possible that "Hypercalcaemia" may be a cause of #Pancreatitis for some with #Sarcoidosis.  Absolutely, Sarcoidosis related Hypercalcaemia is common for some sarcoidosis patients; an possibly be the cause of pancreas/pancreatitis in some sarcoidosis patients.  As well the #Parathyroid hormone can also be the cause for Hypercalcaemia.

Abdominal Sarcoidosis Issues 

CT Scan, PET Scan etc., may be needed for any right or left sided upper quadrant abdominal/pain symptoms etc,. If you have had abdominal imaging like me because of abdominal an upper quadrant pain... Imagining will identify if it's mild or acute pancreatitis or any other abdominal issues an should be addressed.

        -Discussions to have with your Doctor-

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