Team #Lisa

February 2024


I'm thankful! 


- My PCP & Rheumatologist, manages the healthcare of my whole body!

An not just the #Sarcoidosis in my body...

As sarcoidosis, systemically effects my whole body.



Plan of Care--

My PCP an my Rheumatologist basically, case manage my sarcoidosis...


Whole body Care--

 Between my PCP & Rheumatologist providers  providing most of my care, for sarcoidosis treatment....

Hence, branches off to referrals (which to me is truly whole body care)... to other specialists as needed as sarcoidosis can effect any part of the body.





P.s.  Crucial to my balance of managing & living with sarcoidosis is case management  ie., Treatment (monitoring) of my symptoms of sarcoidosis in a nut shell if you will. 



xoxoLisa ♡

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